I require a $1
50(dachshund) $200(corgi) deposit to hold a
puppy until it's ready to go to it's new home.  All deposits
are non-refundable if you change your mind.  It can be
applied to another puppy for up to 2 months from the time
the original deposit was made.  If something should
happen to your puppy before it leaves(which unfortunately
with a puppy it can) your deposit will be applied to
another puppy of the same value(unless you pay the
difference) or will be refunded to you.


If I hold a puppy past 9 weeks of age, you will be charged
$2 per day plus $25(per shot) for any additional shots and

I will no longer accept checks for final payment on the day
that you pick up your puppy.  Cash only!!  I will continue
to accept a check for deposit with the understanding that
if that check is returned you will be charged an additional
$35 return check fee to be paid in cash before or on the
day that you pick up your puppy.  If I am shipping I
gladly accept paypal(plus 4%), money gram, walmart
money orders or western union.
Sorry for the inconvenience

We will be using Continental Airlines as much as
possible.  The cost of shipping is $400 for dachshund
puppies and $4
50 for corgi puppies.  Fees are subject to

We accept paypal(plus 4%) as well as walmart
moneygram and western union. I can also now take
credits cards**on site only**.  I will never take your credit
card number over the phone. There will be a 4% service
charge for credit cards

Please feel free to call if you should have any further
questions.  We love to hear how well our babies are doing
once they go to their new homes so please feel free to
contact us anytime.  Pictures are always welcome.  
Thank you
Alice Ketchum
22455 170th St
Purcell, OK  73080
Home 405-527-7776
The most exciting thing about raising puppies is the
wonderful people that you cross paths with.  I am
thankful for all the new friends that are now a part of my
life. I enjoy being able to see my babies as they grow and
I having the opportunity to puppy sit occasionally.  
Thanks to Everyone that I have had the pleasure to cross
paths with
My future veterinarians!
Our Kennels
When we started  in 1997 we never thought that we would have
so much fun.  After all the building, welding, concrete pouring,
etc, that we have learned to do, we almost have everything (did
you catch the almost) the way that we want.

The majority of our outside kennel runs are 2 1/2 ft-3 1/2 ft
wide and 10 ft long.  We do have a few that are larger. Then
we also have the inside run which is over 60 ft long and about
6-8 ft wide.  All of this is covered.  We have recently added an
outside playyard that is joined to all of this and is over 60ft
long and about 14-18 ft wide.  We turn everyone out everyday
to run and play.    
Our puppy barns.

After raising puppies in the utility room for several years we
decided it was time to build special barns for our moms and

Each mother has her own private bedroom. There are
partitions between each pen to give the moms and babies
privacy. Both barns are heated and air conditioned. They have
access to outside runs as well.  When the  babies get old enough
to go outside to play, they have their own special yard.   
Barn 1